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Positive identification is the only way to ensure that you are reunited with your pet if they become lost or stolen.  A secure collar with tags indicating the home address and phone numbers is a good start.  The problem is that collars come off. Fortunately, technology has been developed that addresses this concern.  A tiny chip contained in surgical grade glass can be implanted beneath the skin and scanned at any time to provide a unique identification number.  Veterinarians, shelters and animal control departments have the hand held scanners to check lost pets for a chip.

The microchip is not powered and hardly every wears out.  It is about the size of a large grain of rice and contains electronics that contain a unique identification code.  No personal information is held on the chip, and they cannot be reprogrammed.  The code on the chip is registered with the manufacturer's recovery database along with the pet owner's emergency contact information.  Pets with these microchips cannot be located on a GPS or other tracking device.

Microchipping is the most effective method of positively identifying your pet.  Each year, thousands of dogs and cats are reunited with their owners thanks to this technology.  In Lee County, proof of  a microchip will reduce the cost of your pet license substantially.

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